February 23, 2011

Bathroom in progress

Above and below are a reminder of the 'before'. Key features to note: Culinary themed feature tiles to match the original kitchen, tiny bath, and odd shower screen involving metal brackets and small in-fill section in bottom right corner.

Important note: There was no budget for the bathroom. Original priorities were kitchen, living room, master bedroom and dining room. Farmer Joe and I had decided that bathrooms were expensive, we didn't need to live in it, and we could always shut the door when we got sick of looking at it. Then we learnt the strange game of tetris that is house renovations. Before we could do the kitchen, we needed to have the new timber floors laid. Before we could have the new floors laid, we needed to fix the huge patch of wet and mouldy slab that we discovered under the dining room lino. And to fix that... you guessed it. No choice but to demolish, reseal, and redo the old bathroom (which was leaking all of that water into the slab).

Due to the lack of budget, we had to do as much as possible ourselves, including all of the demolition and jackhammering out the old floor. Chipping off tiles is an awful job, I had tile splinters in my hands for days (and no, it never occurred to me to wear gloves). Added surprise - when I knocked the tiles off in the shower recess, there was nothing behind them except studwork. The gyprock had long ago rotted away and the tiles were being held up by silicone (and back comes the builder to replace two walls).

This is a bit of a teaser really. The bathroom is now complete, I will finish painting the woodwork this weekend, and the artwork is being framed. The first official Chambers 'before' and 'after' shots coming soon!

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