February 17, 2011

Dining room in progress

The dining room 'before' (deep breath). Exposed brick wall, bright red feature wall, brown lino and fluro bar light.

Above and below shows the dining room at present (about 50% complete). Floors laid, downlights installed, painting complete (spot the occasional bit of blue painters tape where I couldn't reach to remove it). The brown aluminium window to the left will be replaced (along with all the others in the house) when we commence the exterior renovation. Still to do - install white roman blind, have dining chairs reupholstered (the cat has destroyed the loose-weave linen currently on them, I'm on the hunt for something tougher, and white), and purchase a large rug for under the dining table (still deciding between colourful Persian or natural and sedate sisal).

As it is now, I feel the room lacks personality and is too 'straight-laced'. We entertain at home regularly and I would like this to be a lively space with lots of character. So I'm on the hunt for a quirky artwork to hang on the large empty wall to the right of the room. Yesterday I found this pennant flag at Pony Rider:

Photo by Pony Rider

The text is a working recipe for scones. I love the food reference, and the vintage-style text. The flag can be hung on a baton (as seen below) or possibly framed? 

Photo by Pony Rider

Definitely need feedback on this one guys - I'm heading out of my comfort zone. I've already bought it, so if everyone hates it, it will look great in the new laundry!

P.S. Tradie Blunder: Came home last night very excited to see my completed kitchen, only to discover that our builder had installed 24 drawer handles in completely the wrong spot. They look ridiculous, and of course, can't be moved because holes have been drilled through the drawer fronts. Not willing to live with second best after so many months of effort, I have just been on the phone to our kitchen company to have all the drawer fronts replaced (and the budget groans a little louder...).


  1. Pennant flag update: The builder (who was terribly embarrassed by his door handle mishap) came back today and installed the last kitchen cupboards and the door through to the laundry (replacement drawer fronts are three weeks away, but that's another story). Suddenly, the kitchen looks waayyy too white and beige, so I have decided the pennant flag absolutely must hang on the main back kitchen wall. Back to square one for dining room art.

  2. hahaha good work. In any case, I really like it. Def appropriate for a modern country home. You have great taste Brooke!


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