February 16, 2011

A glance at the locals... Farmer Joe



  1. Update from the home front: The builder never appeared yesterday. Apparently he tried to squeeze in a 'quick' job at the pub before he came out yesterday. He accidentally cut the plumbing to the kitchen and ended up staying there all day. I have just heard from Farmer Joe that he is there this morning, and now they can't find the box of hinges needed to finish the kitchen.

  2. I trust we'll be meeting everybody's favourite local (apart from Farmer Joe),T? And the dogs? Freddo? Oooh the horses!! You simply must introduce the horses!

    Ah you're making me miss Keith! (I know you're thinking 'really, Clare?') I'm so looking forward to our visit :)

  3. Yes, all locals will be making an appearance. Can't wait to see you up/down? here!


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