February 12, 2011

Kitchen in progress

Above is a quick reminder of the before - exposed brick wall, lino floor covering and early 80's cabinetry.

With the old kitchen demolished and brick wall covered with gyprock. At this point I had learned three things - none of the corners in our house are square, the measurements on the original house blueprints never made it into reality, and it is possible to cook from a microwave for six weeks (but I have never felt less healthy).

Oak floating floors laid, walls and ceiling painted, downlights installed (my father-in-law was genuinely disappointed to see the old fluro bar light go - he thought they gave a good crisp light), and the first of the cabinetry in place.

Cabinetry completed, granite benchtops installed, splashbacks tiled, painting of woodwork underway (sincere apologies for saggy-bottomed painting pants). Has anyone noticed there are still no door handles? We ordered them seven months ago. They just arrived. I think the delay added a few dozen grey hairs to Farmer Joe's head, but the builder will be here Monday to finish the job (Oh, happy day!).


  1. Wow kitchen looks great B! very impressed with the tomato produce also! Very Maggie Beer of you! Looking forward to some chutney! Can't wait to come down and visit the house on chambers! x

  2. Very kind Miss Nicole! - Looking forward to showing it finished. The builder didn't show up yesterday (suprise), so my hopes of coming home from work to a completed kitchen were dashed. Fingers crossed for today...

  3. the thought of 6 weeks of microwave cooking makes me want to vomit! How you did it, I have no idea. I think I would've converted to one of those 'raw food only' diets. Well done!

  4. Wowww. It's looking amazing! Can't wait to see it all finished!


  5. i cannot wait for the final reveal! looking GOOD!


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