February 1, 2011

Living in the 80's

I thought a tour of the 'before' house may be appropriate at this point. The house was built in 1980, and very little has been changed since. The previous owners installed new carpets in the living area and had several feature walls painted - but it's otherwise original. The photo above is of the living room with a view to the master bedroom (previously used as an office).

The kitchen. This room worried me at first as it had so little natural charm, but I quickly came to appreciate it as a blank slate. As nothing was worthy of being retained, the sledge hammer came out very shortly after moving in.

The dining room forms an open plan area with the kitchen. The lino on the floor is actually placed over the slab (without underlay) and unsecured. Luckily that made it easy to peel back and look underneath (although we soon wished we hadn't - more on that in a coming post).

Finally (for now) the bathroom. Apologies for the photo - the room was almost impossible to get a decent angle on (partly because it's so small). Oddly, the feature tiles above the bath have a culinary theme and are the same that appear in the kitchen (I suspect they bought in bulk).

That was my challenge! On first impression the house needed light, life, and a consistent feel flowing between rooms. Work has been underway for six months now and several rooms are nearing completion. Room by room before and after posts coming soon!


  1. Are you keeping that stove in the living room? I just got a house built in the '80s and it has the exact same thing :) Been wondering if I should keep it or turn it into a fireplace.

  2. Hi Holly! We ripped out the old Kent combustion heater and the slate hearth. We replaced it with a lovely limestone hearth and a black Nectar fire on legs. It does a wonderful job of keeping the house warm and the fire creates a great atmosphere in the living room. Good luck with your house too!


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