February 15, 2011

Living room in progress

Two 'before' shots of the living room (and if you are wondering, those garbage bags are full of clothes because we were moving in - classy!).

It got worse before it got better. The living room became a storage area while the new kitchen was installed. See Farmer Joe's clothes drying in the bottom right corner? Remember, we were living in this. Unfortunately, I never took a picture of the worst stage, when the dining table was in the middle of the room and the fridge was next to the fireplace (which Farmer Joe loved - he could sit at the table, eat dinner, watch TV and get himself another beer, all without getting out of his seat).

Above and below are the living room as of about an hour ago. Brick wall covered, oak floating floors laid, downlights installed, new fireplace, walls and ceiling painted and painting of the woodwork underway. The lump on top of the armchair is Belly the cat. She refused to move for the shot, and she's the boss.

There is a huge amount still to do - the front aluminum sliding door is to be replaced with a double white timber and glass opening door, three large artworks on canvas by local artists will be hung in the living room and entrance space (seen at rear) and smaller decorative touches such as a rug and table lamps, etc, are still needed (I am on the hunt, but the budget is groaning). I'm thinking a progress report on the dining room next if you guys are interested?


  1. It's stunning Brooke! I love it!! The finishing touches will absolutely make it. Can't wait to see it completed, and in the flesh. I genuinely can't believe it's the same room.

    Yep, dining room next sounds great!

  2. Thank you soooo much for all your kind words Clare. We have had a tough 24 hours with the reno (will explain in today's post) and your comments really helped to pick me up. xox


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