February 27, 2011

Main bedroom in progress

Above and below shows the main bedroom 'before'. This room had been used by the previous owners as an office and included an exterior door and workman's bathroom.

After finding a pile of unused house bricks behind the rainwater tank, we had the builder fill-in the odd shaped window and external door on the western wall.

This shows the same view now (and I've just noticed the crooked cushion on the wingchair - how annoying). The two decorative cushions on the bed were custom made by Laura Ashley. The wingchair is temporarily substituting for the long-awaited black velvet armchair.

Note: The delightful green, brown and cream splotchy carpet (new carpet is on the way). I also need to paint the skirtings, the ensuite has no door and I am having a white roman blind made for the window.

On the opposite wall is a cluster of artworks above the chest of drawers including a horse miniature purchased in India, a cross-stitch by my mother-in-law, and a 1940's silhouette. We are also in the process of converting the former walk-in pantry into a walk-in wardrobe - a separate post on that coming.

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  1. That's one stunning armchair! And those cushions! Amazing!



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