February 10, 2011

Ticking and Damask

I have developed a passionate (though expensive) addiction to custom made furnishings. This began after Farmer Joe and I spent several disheartening hours searching major furniture retailers for a lounge suite. After much mutual grumpiness we gave up and headed home - only to spot a new interior design store along the way. Despite Farmer Joe's protests that we "won't be able to afford anything in here" we entered, and my first foray into the world of custom made had begun. Served by (two!) enthusiastic designers with countless fabric sample books, our vague notion of 'contemporary farmhouse' quickly materialised into a blend of ticking, linen and damask. We ordered a sofa, two armchairs and five cushions, all for less than the major retailers had wanted for a single couch (and locally manufactured no less!). My love affair had begun.

Sadly, I must report that shortly after we took delivery of our new items that wonderful store went out of business. I have had several smaller pieces made elsewhere, but am yet to find anyone who compares to them. I now have my heart set on a black velvet armchair for the master bedroom - so the hunt continues.

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  1. Well it's no wonder they went out of business when they were selling a sofa, 2 armchairs and 5 cushions for less than a single, mass produced couch! Incidentally, I happen to know a couch/chair maker in Adelaide if you want her number? I'm sure she could assist you with the armchair, at least point you in the right direction if she couldn't do it perhaps? Let me know if you want her number


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