March 15, 2011

Black velvet armchair

Finally here and worth the wait. Purchased off the floor for 50% off at a Laura Ashley sale. Belly the cat seems to think the chair was a gift especially for her and spends hours rolling around and napping on it (and at the same time, reinforcing Farmer Joe's suspicion that black furniture with white animals may not be entirely practical). We did have a near disaster last night when Belly strolled in to go to bed on her favourite chair, only to find Georgia the Corgi already curled up on it. A quick intervention and reshuffle by Farmer Joe and all was well.

Apologies for the terrible photo - black velvet seems impossible to photograph indoors, and Farmer Joe refused to carry the piece onto the front lawn just so I could get a better shot.



  1. ok so first things first, who is Georgia the corgi????

    Secondly, lovely chair, well worth the wait!

  2. You've been offline too long Miss C! Scroll back to Feb's Glance at the locals to meet Georgia the Corgi!

  3. I see her but she has no storyline so I'm unsure to whom she belongs and her place in the House on Chambers or otherwise!

  4. Oh gush! and Farmer J should have completed his husbandly duties and carried it out to photograph, tsk tsk


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