March 24, 2011

Tale of a failed show dog

The lovely Miss Clare has requested a back story on Georgia the Corgi and how she came to be a 'local'. Georgia was 7 months old when Farmer Joe and I collected her from a breeder in country NSW. The breeder had (perhaps optimistically) held her back from the litter to show, but the poor girl didn't develop too well and needed a new home. We were delighted to welcome her to Chambers. The ten hour drive home was a little traumatic for her, and it took a week of at-home exposure therapy for her to feel comfortable in the car again. Now we can't imagine the property without her. Strangest habits include walking across the back of the couch like a cat, nipping at my feet when I get dressed for work, refusing to eat her breakfast until Farmer Joe comes home for dinner, and trying to make friends with every animal encountered regardless of species (including horses, sheep and feral rabbits).

Worst moments include the day she ate the corner off a mango-wood inlay bedside table and tonight, when I came home to find she had devoured the cord of an imported french lamp. Life on Chambers is sometimes pretty, but almost always messy.


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  1. What a gorgeous dog, and so beautiful! I loved reading about the naughty things she gets her paws on, not so great for you but I'm sure those puppy dog eyes work their magic x


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