April 29, 2011

Inspiration for a home

I recently stumbled across my old 'renovation inspiration' folder (the old fashioned kind, not electronic) and was pleased by how consistent the images were with the feel developing in the house. Farmer Joe and I had lots of time to talk about the look and feel we wanted to create for the Chambers house - settlement took more than six months, so almost the whole renovation was planned before we moved in. So, I thought this would be a good time to walk you through our thoughts on what sort of home we want to create...

Image House & Garden
 First, we wanted to create a simple and understated Australian farmhouse, with references to traditional country style.

Image House & Garden

It needed to sit comfortably in the landscape, and be in sympathy with its surrounds.

Image House & Garden

The interior needed to be light and airy with a neutral colour scheme. We wanted a space that gives you room to breathe.

Image Home Beautiful

We wanted a subtle Hamptons influence (and a white kitchen with shaker-style cabinetry, of course).

'Visual Harvest' by Stephen Trebilcock. Image by Frances Keevil Gallery

The house needed to be a space to display art by local and Australian artists, depicting elements of nature. (Note: Owning a Stephen Trebilcock is in my 'maybe/oneday/fantasy' file).

Image Max Azria Home

Our home needed to reflect the value of knowledge and learning, with a library of books and a comfortable chair for reading. (And a white bookshelf with a ladder - I'm saving my pennies).

Image by House & Garden

We wanted unexpected and historical touches.

Image by House & Garden

And a casual outdoor entertaining area to spend time with friends.

We wanted animals to bring life to our home... dogs, cats and chickens.

Image by ifood.tv

And a kitchen garden and orchard, to supply us with organic, homegrown produce.
But most importantly, when we tried to sum up the feeling we wanted for our home, we came to this...

Source unknown

We wanted a home where every evening captured a little of the warmth and richness of Christmas Eve. A home that gave the comfort and security of childhood, everyday.


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