May 28, 2011

Equine photography

Image by Restoration Hardware

Inspiring thoughts of English manor houses, spring races, and preppy country interiors, I can't help but be drawn to equine photography.

Image by Natural Curiosities

This Natural Curiosities print of Lord Denver's horse Aditoc, taken after he won at Royal Ascot in 1928, would be just perfect for our study wall. And, it's also available in a triptych version.

Source unknown

However, at upwards of $1200 each, I went hunting for a more affordable option. I'm glad I did, because my search led me to a very talented photographer, Juliet R Harrison, who has a fascinating series called 'Equiscapes'. Farmer Joe and I both fell in love with this one...

'All That Glitters' by Juliet R Harrison Photography

At a fraction of the cost of the designer versions, Juliet's work is well worth checking out (here).

And if you like the idea of animal photography but horses aren't your thing, check out this octopus triptych by Natural Curiosities...

Image by Natural Curiosities


May 24, 2011

Monogrammed cushions...

Image by House & Garden, poor quality scan by me

I have been on the hunt for the perfect monogrammed cushion for the main bedroom for weeks. No luck until I spotted this image in April's House & Garden, featuring a just-right example by Mio Palazzo. I rang them immediately and ordered a cushion "exactly the same as the one in the magazine, only with a C". (They thanked me for my enthusiasm, probably a clue that I was a touch over-excited). Of course, since finding my lovely one, I keep stumbling on monogrammed cushions everywhere. If you're on the hunt, here are a few I've found recently:

Anyone on the hunt for anything monogrammed should head to the Jonathan Adler website. Their Design-Your-Own feature is fabulous.

Image by Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs has a great selection of fabrics and monogram styles (and yes, they ship to Australia!).

Image by elizajay on Etsy

 There is also a great range of monogrammed cushions on Etsy. This example is by elizajay. My cushion should arrive next week. Just a few finishing touches on the bedroom now, and I look forward to sharing it with you in a 'Before & After' post coming soon!


May 11, 2011

Chalk it up...

Image by Country Living

After mulling the idea over for a few weeks, Farmer Joe has decided that a blackboard would be a useful addition to the kitchen (my farmer always rates decorating suggestions on practicality). Hunting for inspiration I've discovered some surprisingly stylish blackboard options...

Source unknown

I love the casual elegance of this blackboard, and am now feeling inspired to display menus for future dinner parties (- though less sophisticated. Sadly, my culinary capacity does not extend to sauteed sole with brown butter hollandaise).

Source unknown

The scale of this blackboard turns it into a practical piece of art.

Image by Cottage Living
 Kitchen walls painted with chalkboard paint seem to be popular at present. It looks gorgeous here, but is a touch chaotic for my more obsessive side.

Source unknown

Chalkboard paint on cabinetry is a quirky way to resurrect old furniture.

Image by Pottery Barn

But this is perfect for us! Simple and understated. I even love the quote. This particular blackboard is from Pottery Barn (who do not ship to Australia). Tip: I have found nice blackboards hard to source and discovered I could make it myself from masonite sheeting and chalkboard paint. However, it turns out that my local framer does custom blackboards. Problem solved!


May 5, 2011

On the hunt... Industrial letters

Not on the hunt for myself this time, but for my Mum, who has decided that a red letter 'H' is just the thing for a bare wall in her home. Not sure where to find one, I did some searching for her and came up with these...

Images by (L to R): Nest Emporium, Provincial Home Living,
Studio 6 Fresno on Etsy, Langley Metalworks on Etsy,
La Maison

Ok, I know I snuck a 'B' in there but I couldn't help myself. Hope this helps Mum!


May 3, 2011

Art... Wheat leaf screenprint

Image by Mr & Mrs White
 Ok, I know I've been on a bit of an Etsy buying rampage lately, but I had to share this wheat leaf screen print that I just purchased from Mr & Mrs White. Simple, elegant and with obvious reference to country life, it will perfectly fill this blank spot on our dining room wall...

...(the blank wall on the right). The lovely Sasha (aka Mrs White) even kindly agreed to print the piece on double size paper stock, to allow for framing with mattboard. Another Etsy store well worth checking out.

Dining room update: Mum has (brilliantly!) agreed to make new dining room slipcovers for my birthday - I have selected a lighter, brighter Warwick fabric. I have bought three new black metal hurricane lanterns for the middle of the table (I thought the old ones were pretty, but my guests kept moving them out of the way during dinner parties). I am also shortly to commission a large still-life to replace the antique cow prints on the rear wall - I'm imagining lively fruit in vibrant (and much needed) colour to become the centrepiece of the room.