May 3, 2011

Art... Wheat leaf screenprint

Image by Mr & Mrs White
 Ok, I know I've been on a bit of an Etsy buying rampage lately, but I had to share this wheat leaf screen print that I just purchased from Mr & Mrs White. Simple, elegant and with obvious reference to country life, it will perfectly fill this blank spot on our dining room wall...

...(the blank wall on the right). The lovely Sasha (aka Mrs White) even kindly agreed to print the piece on double size paper stock, to allow for framing with mattboard. Another Etsy store well worth checking out.

Dining room update: Mum has (brilliantly!) agreed to make new dining room slipcovers for my birthday - I have selected a lighter, brighter Warwick fabric. I have bought three new black metal hurricane lanterns for the middle of the table (I thought the old ones were pretty, but my guests kept moving them out of the way during dinner parties). I am also shortly to commission a large still-life to replace the antique cow prints on the rear wall - I'm imagining lively fruit in vibrant (and much needed) colour to become the centrepiece of the room.


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