May 28, 2011

Equine photography

Image by Restoration Hardware

Inspiring thoughts of English manor houses, spring races, and preppy country interiors, I can't help but be drawn to equine photography.

Image by Natural Curiosities

This Natural Curiosities print of Lord Denver's horse Aditoc, taken after he won at Royal Ascot in 1928, would be just perfect for our study wall. And, it's also available in a triptych version.

Source unknown

However, at upwards of $1200 each, I went hunting for a more affordable option. I'm glad I did, because my search led me to a very talented photographer, Juliet R Harrison, who has a fascinating series called 'Equiscapes'. Farmer Joe and I both fell in love with this one...

'All That Glitters' by Juliet R Harrison Photography

At a fraction of the cost of the designer versions, Juliet's work is well worth checking out (here).

And if you like the idea of animal photography but horses aren't your thing, check out this octopus triptych by Natural Curiosities...

Image by Natural Curiosities



  1. I like that Harrison one. Very clever artist that one. Have a lovely week...

  2. Thank you so much! - Juliet

  3. LOVE the Juliet Harrison photograph. Heading over to her website right now. Thanks for the inspiration!


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