July 13, 2011

'Design stalking' a bachelor...

To state the obvious I am not an interior designer. But I do live in a small town and prattle incessantly about interiors to anyone who stands still long enough to listen. So I was beyond delighted when a bachelor friend of ours asked for some 'help' to redo his place.

Actually, I think it started with him asking if I knew where he could buy cheap art. But before the conversation was over I had mentally renovated most of his house. So the project has grown...

I started by emailing him a quick selection of Etsy art that I thought he might like.

Sim logged on to Etsy and was instantly overwhelmed. So all went quiet for a while. Then, in the new Lonny was this...

Image by Lonny

...and at the risk of being an 'interiors stalker', I emailed it to him. He loved it, is feeling inspired and asked me where to start (dangerous question). His house his faux Spanish mission so this will be interesting. And, if he doesn't take out a restraining order first, I'll keep you posted!


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