August 1, 2011

Are tram scrolls over (and should I care?)

Image by Country Living

Farmer Joe and I first spotted (and loved) a vintage tram scroll about two years ago. But now that our reno has finally reached the art selection stage, I'm wondering if this trend is just too far gone. Having been adapted to custom prints, birth and wedding celebration pieces, upholstery and tea towels, tram scroll designs are everywhere. In being so widely embraced, they seem to have lost some of their original nostalgic sophistication.

Image via Treasure Hunter Girl blog

Farmer Joe has had a great idea for customisation - to have a scroll printed listing the property names in our area. These are wonderful, character-filled Australia farm names (think Wittalocka, Wongawilly and Chain Pump Pastoral), that would give our scroll some originality. I would love your advice - should we go for it, or let this one go?



  1. Sounds great. I agree - I think it is a bit too trendy. Farms sound good. I think it would be very fitting and more meaningful-ish. :)

  2. scrolls scrolls scrolls! I love farmer J's idea, I have sent u through email pic of mine I had printed earlier this year of all the places I have lived to date (albeit depressing that there is enough to make a scroll)! x N

  3. Hmm I see your dilemma. I hate when I feel like something has been overdone too. But I think if you love it, do it (I really like the tramscrolls!) and with your own local towns it will be very original and special anyway :) Hope this helps! Abbey x

  4. I personally don't think tram scrolls are over, but then again I make them (ha). I would love to help you out on a custom scroll. Mine are very much personal and unique.

    Great examples btw

    Thanks again


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