August 16, 2011

On blinds and bathrooms...

Christina Murphy

Recently, I had a conversation with a lovely lady in my favourite interiors store that went a little something like this:
B: "I was wondering if you could help me. I'm completely stuck with what to do with my bathroom window. It needs a covering, but I've no idea what".
Lady: "Well, what are you doing with all the other windows in your house?".
B: "White roman blinds".
Lady: "And why can't you do that in your bathroom too?".
B: "Ummm... I don't know".

Somehow, the idea of soft window coverings in wet areas had fallen onto my list of dont's. Don't know why, I just thought it was a no-no. But apparently the rest of the world has known all along that this is actually a fabulous idea. Check these out...

Katch ID

Mabley Handler

Helen Green

Dresser Homes. All images via Decorpad

Sign me up, white roman blinds everywhere!


  1. I remember aunty H used to have soft window coverings in Luke n Soph's bathroom and was the envy of us all! Only beware of mildew.. and the dreaded dust curse that sometimes accompanies farm house living! x

  2. That was surely refreshing. I'm excited with ideas now :)

  3. What did you decide in the end Brooke? :)

    I am thinking plantation shutters for our bathrooms (once we can afford them).


  4. Hi B! We ended up going for white Roman blinds. The ones we've chosen are treated to be moisture and mildew resistant. I love them (I'll post them soon, I promise!).


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