August 2, 2011

Tram scroll ahead!

Sometimes the decorating gods just send you a big fat 'Yes!'. Unanimous feedback (thank you all!) - go for a tram scroll and customise it with local farm names to make it meaningful. A wonderful friend, Miss C, was well ahead of me on this one. She emailed me a photo of her tram scroll, customised with all the towns and suburbs she has lived in (and it's fabulous that they can fill a scroll, Miss C, it shows how worldly you are). This is hers below:

Image by Miss C

Love it!

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  1. Now doesn' that look beautiful and oh so meaningful? heavenly. I did see one once with the family name and words going in all directions with members names, words describing the family like love, respect, joy, fun etc. that was pretty amazing too. Can;t wait to see your farm names...


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