September 16, 2011

B. vs The Kitchen Pendant

My hands are up. The white flag is waving. I admit defeat. The glass pendant has been installed above the island bench in the kitchen and now everyone's unhappy. The kitchen looks uncomfortable, the light is hanging there awkwardly, and when you walk into the room your eyes don't know where to go because the eye line has been confused. I give up. If the house doesn't want a kitchen pendant, then it doesn't have to have one.

The light is being redeployed to the study this weekend. Fingers crossed it's happier there.



  1. I don't think it looks that bad! It's a really nice pendant. But obviously if you really don't like it there it might be happier in the study? I'm sure you'll find the perfect kitchen lighting fix! The kitchen Is looking great B :)
    Abbey x

  2. You're really kind Abbey! The whole thing has gotten a touch ridiculous. Who has this much trouble lighting a kitchen?!

  3. Your cabinets look amazing! Did you have to pay for the replacement of doors as a result of them installing the handles incorrectly? Or did they cover the costs?


  4. Very good question B! That was a tricky one - we have a great working relationship with our builders and he offered to pay the full replacement cost. However, Farmer Joe should have been clearer in his instructions, and we wanted to keep everyone happy, so in the end we agreed to go halves.


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