September 30, 2011

Can I frame a sack and call it art?

via my sweet savannah

Since most of our guest bedroom suite drove away in the back of Mum's car a few weeks ago, I have been busily planning a new modern/vintage room design. Yesterday, Krista Salmon {Kiki's List} posted about framing vintage scarves and it gave me an idea: Why not frame a vintage french grain sack as guest bedroom art? A quick google made it pretty clear I'm not the first person to think of this (don't you hate that!) - but there are plenty of pretty grain sacks out there to choose from -

Dorsbien - Etsy

Dorsbien - Etsy

SimplyFrenchVintage - Etsy

Dorsbien - Etsy

I'm imagining the sack in a bold, white, modern frame to give some balance. What do you think - can I frame a sack and call it art?



  1. I like it a lot! Definitely fits the modern/vintage theme. Does this also mean that you need to buy all new furniture for the Guest Room???


  2. Hi M! Yes, all new furniture on the way as well. I'm thinking of some natural (light) oak bedsides, a linen upholstered bench seat and I've found some fantastic all glass table lamps!


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