September 12, 2011

Fine tuning...(I can't help myself)

If you were to ask Farmer Joe what renovation behaviour of mine frustrated him the most, he would no doubt tell you all about my habit of 'fine tuning' areas of the house that have already been finished, while other rooms are left completely untouched. I can't help it. I have a detailed plan for every room, but once it's finished I can see new opportunities for improving it further.

This week the bathroom art is getting a bit of fine tuning. I love the indulgence of hanging art in the bathroom, but will only use prints as they will eventually be damaged by exposure to humidity and moisture. Presently, this Henri Matisse print (Nu c.1949) hangs on the bathroom wall. I purchased it from and had it framed with a large white matt board and thin modern black frame.

It looks lovely, but the room is a bit too safe and neutral. So, the Matisse nude has been reassigned to the main bedroom ensuite, and will be replaced with this vintage photography print from jkldesign on Etsy -

jkldesign on Etsy
A little bit vintage, a little bit french, and a little bit cheeky (that is a nipple showing, I think). What do you think, a bit more character?



  1. I'm very partial to vintage photography so the photo gets my vote!
    Abbey x
    Ps. I'm a massive fine tuner too :)

  2. I like them both! Get a bunch of them for a nice collection on your wall
    xoxo chantal

  3. I love Leigh Viner's work - absolutely stunning, and I love this shot! xx


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