September 5, 2011

Holiday finds...

As promised, here are the fabulous finds we made during our jaunt through country Victoria. My favourite is the 19th century Scandinavian fruitwood and pine bench that we picked up in Castlemaine. It was almost too good to be true - the antique store was closing down and the owner had accidentally broken a leg off the bench, so he was willing to sell it for next to nothing. Belly the Ragdoll seemed to think it was a gift just for her and is quite delighted.

We also found some old apple packing crates, to fill a gap between the top of the pantry and the ceiling.

And finally, we fell head over heels in love with this glass and brushed metal hanging light for the kitchen. (Ok, I know there was a vote, and I know this is nothing like the light that won, but sometimes treasures just fall in your lap). Now, if we can just find a sparky to install it...



  1. What great finds! I love castlemaine. Hope you made it to the big restorers barn there :) Abbey x

  2. oooo the bench + cushions + cat look amazing! Very nice finds Ms B!

  3. Hi Abbey! The restorers barn was amazing, I lost my husband in there!

  4. Hi. Just wondering where you found the glass lights. It is exactly what we are after!!

  5. Hi! The glass light was purchased from Mon Coeur in Bendigo, VIC. I know they're also available at One Rundle Trading Co in Adelaide. If you don't live near either of those stores, I've had a lot of luck with having things shipped - it might be worth a try!


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