September 8, 2011

A little bit of progress... Entrance east wall

It seems to me that a home renovation has two speeds. It either moves so fast that sleep, clean hair and home cooked food become dimly remembered luxuries, or it crawls along maddeningly (often due to an exhausted budget, or an exhausted us). It can be very easy to focus entirely on the huge 'to do' list, and forget to celebrate progress, no matter how big or small it may be.

So, while the big 'Ta Da' room reveals remain just out of reach, I have decided to celebrate our progress in it's more humble forms. Today it's the east wall of the entrance. A quick reminder of the 'before' (the east wall is the charcoal one) -

And now as it looks today (sorry for the terrible photos, I promise to buy a new camera at Christmas. And possibly take a photography course) -

The antique farmers workbench was purchased from Some Days are Diamonds (guests seem a touch disappointed when they discover it's not a family heirloom). The workbench still has the original wooden vices in place, and no man can walk past without giving them a quick spin. The mirror was custom made by Mirrors Galore in Melbourne and shipped over (I did the whole thing by phone and email and they were great to deal with - very professional and prompt). The bone boxes, marble pear and glass cloche were from One Rundle Trading Company, and the lamps were from Balhannah by Design.


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  1. wow! the entrance looks fabulous! The bench truly is gorgeous and I love what you have done with the marble pear and glass conch..!


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