September 23, 2011

Loving... Bespoke Press

While we are on the topic of beautiful paper goods... Loving Bespoke Press and their gorgeous collection of letterpress stationery, gift wrap and prints. I've been admiring (stalking?) their online store for months and this week I finally made a purchase. (Why do I leave these things so long?).  I bought their double sided gift wrap and an assorted pack of letterpress gift tags (shown below).

All images by Bespoke Press

They've got a great website and blog - pop over and have a look (they're having a sale until October 3rd!).


P.S. I seem to have developed a temporary obsession with accumulating gift wrap. I went slightly mad on Etsy this week. Can't image what the postman will think of me. I've even bought all my Christmas wrap, ribbon and gift tags already (- I promise not to blog on them until December!).


  1. Thank you for your purchases and so lovely to have found your blog! I am currently pouring over your farmhouse stories :)


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