September 20, 2011

My postman is Santa Claus

When I first moved to the country I went into immediate retail withdrawal. My nearest decent shopping strip was almost 300kms away, and I was used to a weekly fix. So out of necessity I began to dabble in internet shopping. And the local postman became my very own Santa Claus.

Yesterday he kindly delivered my apothecary jar beverage dispenser from The Little Big Company. Such a treat.

I love feeling that all the world's shops are just a click away...



  1. When I moved to our little country town, with only 1 traffic light, I couldn't believe we didn't have a Brumbies or Baker's Delight bakery but had a genetic counsellor. What the? I can't imagine a centre 300kms away!!! Well done for getting that lovely dispenser in one piece. Your postman is indeed a Santa!!!

  2. Thanks Martha! I'm very jealous of your traffic light - we only have a roundabout!

  3. So have beverage dispenser envy right now!!! Loving it, perfect for summer pink lemonades :-)

  4. Love it!

    May I ask how the little tap has performed so far? Any leaking at all?


  5. The dispenser got a great workout over the Christmas holiday and we didn't have a single problem - no leaks at all. My Mum has also bought one (bigger than mine) and that was a huge hit for her too.


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