September 13, 2011

Take 2... Chest of drawers

While we're on the topic of 'fine tuning' the decorating, I've decided to introduce a new series - 'Take 2'. Renovating our house has been a steep learning curve for me. Being a complete interior design novice, I've drowned myself in blogs and online shelter mags for inspiration and know-how. I've come along in twelve months (still a long way to go though). So now I look back on some of the early things that I did and think 'I could do better'.

So things get redone! Here was my first attempt at decorating the chest of drawers in the main bedroom -

Take 1

As you can see, I was a little ummm... hesitant? uncertain? overly restrained? So with some bloggie inspiration and a little more confidence, I tried again (Take 2) -

Take 2

A little extra detail and a better balance of colour has given this spot a bit more character and interest. (Ok, so my house is hardly going to be gracing the pages of Lonny, but I'm learning!).



  1. This looks great, I loved it before but now it's even better! x

  2. I also love how, although states apart, we have our ampersands and books! x

  3. Thank you Miss N! I needed a kind word today. Feeling down about it all - Linesy installed the kitchen pendant and it looks rubbish. (Not his fault - he did a great job, the light just doesn't work well in that spot). Might post it up tonight if I'm feeling brave!


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