October 29, 2011

Farmhouse inspiration...


Farmer Joe and I are off to the city for a slightly belated Anniversary celebration this weekend, so I'll leave you with a little inspiration. Love the exposed beams, love the rug, and love that bust.


October 26, 2011

Take 2... Bathroom art

In my continuing tradition of doing everything in this house twice, I have made a second attempt at selecting art for the bathroom. Take 1 (below) featured a Henri Mattise nude print (Nu c.1949).

Take 1

Nice enough but (as usual) way too safe and lacking in impact. So I replaced the Matisse nude with a vintage photography print from Leigh Viner on Etsy.

Take 2

Leigh is great to purchase from (she very kindly printed this image extra large for me, and then arranged shipping to Australia). I'm pretty chuffed with the final result.

Apologies for the poor photography. Tiny bathrooms and reflective glass are a bit tricky for the photographically challenged like myself.


October 24, 2011

Family on display...

Today is Farmer Joe's and my second wedding anniversary, and it has got me thinking about how much I would like more of a sense of family in our home. We have very few family photos on display, so I've started exploring photo gallery walls.

I should mention that I am slightly obsessive about order and symmetry. Clustered photos won't work for us because I will constantly want to rearrange them into something more structured.

I definitely want black and white photos (our wedding photographer taught me that black and white images show the mood, while colour images show the scene).

I'm really just stuck on white frames (as above) or black frames (as below).

And finally, even though we have no stairs, this gallery wall is too spectacular to leave out...

all images via decorpad

P.S. - Happy Anniversary Farmer Joe.xo

October 23, 2011

Grunt work weekends

With Spring upon us, Farmer Joe and I are spending our weekends desperately trying to shape the garden into something respectable. So now I seem to spend all my Saturday mornings in places that look like this...

Buying various things that are sold by the tonne...

Shovelling until I'm ready to drop (Farmer Joe does it easily - all in a day's work for him)...

Photo taken at a distance due to Farmer Joe's
unreasonably short shorts

And hoping like crazy that my 106 little white lavender seedlings will grow...

Until they become a spectacular 'drift', reminiscent of a french lavender field...

source unknown


October 20, 2011

Benches, benches everywhere...

I've been a little stuck recently about how to finish two empty corners in the house. Armchairs won't work, both spaces are very shallow, and there are already two timber benches in the entrance / living space.

Trawling the internet last night I stumbled across the idea of upholstered benches. Perfect! Versatile, welcoming, and handy for sneaking extra seating into the living space.

There are gorgeous examples everywhere. I've chosen two from Interiors Online, one for the living room to be reupholstered in pale linen, and one for the bedroom to be redone in vivid white.

all images via decorpad

I'll show you when they're done!


October 18, 2011

A personalised birthday gift

It's Mum's birthday this week and I've given her this personalised stationery from Letter Love Designs on Etsy (loving that store).

And I always say that it's the wrapping that makes a gift, so I've used my very best double sided paper and gift tag from Bespoke Press, and striped twill ribbon from Lucky Lady Paper Crafts on Etsy.


October 17, 2011

Farmhouse inspiration...


You know those weeks that are so busy that it's all you can do to wash your hair and wear matching shoes? Well, I'm just starting my second one of those in a row. Hair is clean but I'm hiding jeans under my desk (which will be fine provided I don't forget and stand up during a videoconference).

So while our own reno has fallen to the bottom of this weeks 'to do' list, I've just got time for a little farmhouse inspiration.


October 12, 2011

Considering final kitchen touches...

This week I'm absorbed in trying to find the perfect decorating touches to finish the kitchen. Our new kitchen is quite traditional - U-shaped with island bench, white shaker cabinetry, white subway tile splashbacks, beige granite benchtops, etc. The tricky part is that we want to avoid becoming too 'country kitchen'. So far we have a black vintage style clock, and a framed blackboard (they both need to stay). Other than that, I'm open to ideas!

I love the cluster of white ceramic jugs tucked in the alcove next to the oven in the image above (easy to do!), and the little potted topiaries in the kitchens below. I wonder if they would really survive indoors?

Cut flowers are a bit difficult because I can't access them locally (the challenges of country life!), and fruit is always cheap and cheery but I'd prefer more permanent touches.

And I fully approve of art in the kitchen - those black frames look nice and sharp against the white splashbacks.

And this last one, well that's just generally fabulous...

all images via decorpad

I'd love your ideas and suggestions. Have you found any great ways to decorate a kitchen?


October 10, 2011

Weekend wrap-up and some inspiration...

via decorpad

HUGE day at work today, so only time to touch base for a quick update.
1. The vegie garden is finished. Yep, Farmer Joe and I shovelled the eighth and final tonne of gravel yesterday. Potted citrus trees are in place. No photos yet - I'll get to it soon.
2. My much loved white timber and glass back doors are in. They flood the house with light and I keep thinking someone's left the back door open or the laundry light on. The dog and cat are also pretty pleased with their new view. 
3. My vintage photography print from Leigh Viner (jkldesigns on Etsy) has arrived (thank you Leigh!) and is at the framers. Should be ready next week and I'll show it to you in a Take 2 post!


October 7, 2011

Take 2... Dressing the bed

The main bedroom and I have been fighting each other for a while now. I've tried to create a calm and relaxing space with muted neutral tones. However, the colour scheme seems to be thrown out really easily and I've had to redo several things to make it all work. This was my first attempt at dressing the bed to work with the colour scheme -

Main bed - Take 1

Blah. I'm cringing now just looking at it. Not enough colour contrast or personality. So I tried again -

Main bed - Take 2

Inspired by the arrival of the long awaited black velvet armchair (not shown), I introduced slightly bolder black and white elements. The room feels crisper now, and a little more fun.
Sources: Custom dog bed by Ada & Darcy, black and white striped cushions from Pillow Throw Decor on Etsy. Black velvet cushion custom made by Laura Ashley.

P.S. - Yes, I know the sheets are wrinkly. But I've been busy painting architraves while my house has no back doors!

October 6, 2011

Old find, new project

About a year ago, Farmer Joe came home from a clearing sale proudly hauling an enormous workbench he had picked up for $50. He thought we could use it as furniture in the house. I said (very politely) no. It has sat in the shed collecting dust and bird droppings ever since.

Then after my outdoor entertaining inspiration post last week, I started thinking about outdoor furniture. Particularly, how much I would love an enormous outdoor table that could hold at least 12 family or friends. Bingo! An old find suddenly becomes a new project.

This thing is seriously huge. It needs to be stripped back and/or sanded (can you tell I have no idea what I'm doing?) and oiled. Then I think she'll be a bit of a stunner. I'm imagining ultra-comfy wicker chairs along both sides - maybe something like this:

image via interiorsonline.com.au

I should probably try to focus on the hard work for now...

October 5, 2011

Farmhouse inspiration...

I couldn't stand to look at the ugly back of our house one moment longer. Time for some pretty.

via decorpad

White cabinetry, subway tiles, exposed timber beams, hanging lanterns. Talk about ticking boxes!


October 3, 2011

A glamorous long weekend...

Yep, that's the back of our house. Boarded up. Building mess everywhere. But it's all in a good cause - part of our mission to rid ourselves forever of brown aluminium.

Farmer Joe's mates have dubbed our house 'the chocolate box' because it is so many shades of brown. But not for much longer: Two shiny new white timber and glass doors, freshly painted by me, ready to be installed. At least it's a start...