October 24, 2011

Family on display...

Today is Farmer Joe's and my second wedding anniversary, and it has got me thinking about how much I would like more of a sense of family in our home. We have very few family photos on display, so I've started exploring photo gallery walls.

I should mention that I am slightly obsessive about order and symmetry. Clustered photos won't work for us because I will constantly want to rearrange them into something more structured.

I definitely want black and white photos (our wedding photographer taught me that black and white images show the mood, while colour images show the scene).

I'm really just stuck on white frames (as above) or black frames (as below).

And finally, even though we have no stairs, this gallery wall is too spectacular to leave out...

all images via decorpad

P.S. - Happy Anniversary Farmer Joe.xo


  1. Congrats B!

    Hope you both have an amazing day today.


  2. Happy anniversary!

    Love the photo walls. I too am stuck on black V white. What colour are your walls?


  3. Hi M! Our walls are half strength Dulux Hog's Bristle, with vivid white ceiling and architraves. We've got both black and white frames elsewhere in the house, so either works!

  4. Happy Anniversary B & Farmer J! Love these galleries especially the one after the wedding shot and behind the black and white dinning setting. 100% for the white frames (oh heart)!

  5. Happy anniversary B! Hope you've had a lovely day :) the photo wall dilemma is a tricky one. We have one up our stair case and we've mixed black and white frames in different styles :)

    Abbey x

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    Your photo inspirations are wonderful.

    I also love black and white photos because they look give a feeling of warmth and love more... well, that is just my opinion.

  7. Thank you for all your lovely anniversary wishes! I'm hearing strong support for white frames for the gallery (including from Mum who emails me her comments because the Blogger thing isn't quite working for her!). White it is!

  8. Happy anniversary! I hope you both have a wonderful day! My vote also goes for the black and white photos in the white frames, it looks so elegant!

  9. I'm still trying to work out how to post a comment :(. Have I????
    mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Well done Mum, your first comment on Blogger! (Now try using your Google profile instead of being Anonymous...)

  11. My vote is for a black framed wall. But Im biased as that is what I have. You can see it here...


  12. Happy Anniversary! These gallery walls are so beautiful and just perfect for family photos. I always buy black frames for my own home, but with a lot of black in my house it makes more sense. That white gallery is one of my favourites though!


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