October 3, 2011

A glamorous long weekend...

Yep, that's the back of our house. Boarded up. Building mess everywhere. But it's all in a good cause - part of our mission to rid ourselves forever of brown aluminium.

Farmer Joe's mates have dubbed our house 'the chocolate box' because it is so many shades of brown. But not for much longer: Two shiny new white timber and glass doors, freshly painted by me, ready to be installed. At least it's a start...



  1. Oh it will get there! So will this be the entertainment section of the house on chambers? Loving the doors and the fact that the boys dubbed it the chocolate box! hehe

  2. Hello Miss N! The entertaining area will form an L shape to the house, coming from behind the garage (currently represented by the galv shed you might spot in the background).


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