October 23, 2011

Grunt work weekends

With Spring upon us, Farmer Joe and I are spending our weekends desperately trying to shape the garden into something respectable. So now I seem to spend all my Saturday mornings in places that look like this...

Buying various things that are sold by the tonne...

Shovelling until I'm ready to drop (Farmer Joe does it easily - all in a day's work for him)...

Photo taken at a distance due to Farmer Joe's
unreasonably short shorts

And hoping like crazy that my 106 little white lavender seedlings will grow...

Until they become a spectacular 'drift', reminiscent of a french lavender field...

source unknown



  1. Lol@ unreasonably short shorts :))))

    I look forward to seeing your lavender shrubs fully grown. That photo looks amazing.


  2. The scale of your garden to be is incredible! as is the lack of scale of farmer J's shorts!

  3. That unreasonably short comment really cracks me up. Think of the calories you are burning in such a productive way!

  4. I know the feeling! I spent about 3 years digging, planting, sowing grass throughout Spring but I can now sit back & enjoy all that hard work and look out over my stunning garden (with no dirt under my fingernails!)
    PS I'm now a follower

  5. Good for you Melissah - I'm very jealous! I can only imagine what it will be like to get to that stage one day!

  6. Your hard work will surely have a glorious pay off!
    We hope to have a field of lavender at our new farm, but for now we will live vicariously through you!



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