October 6, 2011

Old find, new project

About a year ago, Farmer Joe came home from a clearing sale proudly hauling an enormous workbench he had picked up for $50. He thought we could use it as furniture in the house. I said (very politely) no. It has sat in the shed collecting dust and bird droppings ever since.

Then after my outdoor entertaining inspiration post last week, I started thinking about outdoor furniture. Particularly, how much I would love an enormous outdoor table that could hold at least 12 family or friends. Bingo! An old find suddenly becomes a new project.

This thing is seriously huge. It needs to be stripped back and/or sanded (can you tell I have no idea what I'm doing?) and oiled. Then I think she'll be a bit of a stunner. I'm imagining ultra-comfy wicker chairs along both sides - maybe something like this:

image via interiorsonline.com.au

I should probably try to focus on the hard work for now...


  1. Oh my gosh this will be gorgeous. And so cheap! I paid a fortune (dont even want to tell you how much) for my old workbench from an over priced antique shop. :(

  2. Pretty well, thanks B! I've spoken to a handy man who told me how to get it all scrubbed up. Now I'm waiting until the rainwater tanks are moved so that I've actually got somewhere to put it!


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