October 26, 2011

Take 2... Bathroom art

In my continuing tradition of doing everything in this house twice, I have made a second attempt at selecting art for the bathroom. Take 1 (below) featured a Henri Mattise nude print (Nu c.1949).

Take 1

Nice enough but (as usual) way too safe and lacking in impact. So I replaced the Matisse nude with a vintage photography print from Leigh Viner on Etsy.

Take 2

Leigh is great to purchase from (she very kindly printed this image extra large for me, and then arranged shipping to Australia). I'm pretty chuffed with the final result.

Apologies for the poor photography. Tiny bathrooms and reflective glass are a bit tricky for the photographically challenged like myself.



  1. Love it!! It looks pretty big too. However I also love the nude print from your first take. I want something similar, but on a canvas, for our bedroom...


  2. Love, love, love that print B! Straight off to check out Leigh's store now :)

    Abbey x

  3. Oh I love Henri Matisse artworks,

    although I tend to favor his colorful creations

    like those of flowers and sceneries.

  4. Oh it looks so good!! I think I might have to do the same in the Bathroom, Love the frame as well :)

    Thank you so much darling :) xo

  5. I should add - the little Matisse print isn't being wasted! It will be redeployed to the new ensuite when that's redone.

  6. I love the new print & lovely as Henri is the second one is more original.


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