November 25, 2011

Connecticut farmhouse inspiration

This gorgeous 18th century Connecticut home was featured in Dalani Home & Living Magazine and I just had to share..

A light and minimal palette, simply decorated with vintage and antique touches...

And here's the bathroom - check out the copper bath tub...

all images Dalani Home & Living Magazine

If you haven't discovered Dalani (I hadn't until last week, thank you Miss Clare!), they do great flash sales in a similar style to Joss & Main or The Foundry, except with the added bonus that they actually ship to Australia. If anyone needs an invitation to join, just flick me an email!


P.S. I'm planning a six hour (return) interstate road-trip to Hamilton, VIC tomorrow to collect the perfect Christmas stockings, stocking hooks and bon bons. What do you think - too much or is any trip justified by the perfect Christmas decorations?


  1. Love those bright green apples on the dining table!!!


  2. B - If I didn't have three small housemates that would make a six-hour round trip totally horrendous, I would definitely be doing it for the perfect Christmas decorations!

    Enjoy!!! (And don't forget the photos for us!)


  3. This house is amazing B and lovely Christmas decorations are definitely worth the trip! Have fun :)

    Abbey x

  4. For the perfect Christmas decorations, I would do it and enjoy it as well, Have lots of fun on your road trip !!! Can't wait to see what you get ???


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  6. Glad you like it, I stumbled across it and immediately thought of you! 6hr trip is def justifiable, but you should've made it 10hr round trip and come to ours for Thanksgiving dinner! I did a turkey, complete with home made stuffing, and pumpkin pie- which is surprisingly delicious! xx


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