November 21, 2011

Ghosts of Chambers past...

While rummaging through a filing cabinet at the main farmhouse (Scottswell, belonging to my in-laws), Farmer Joe stumbled across the real estate brochures for Chambers from 2009 (when we purchased it), and also for a previous auction held in 1996. I just had to share.

Real estate brochure 1996*

One of the bests twists to the story is that Farmer Joe's parents actually placed the winning bid at the 1996 auction and signed a contract on the property. However, neither of them were able to sleep that night and they cancelled the purchase the next day.

Real estate brochure 2009

Thirteen years later Farmer Joe bought this little farm, expanding the family farming operation. (If I've never explained the set-up, Chambers is next door to Scottswell. They are now farmed as one large property, and my in-laws' house is four kilometres up the road).

Farmer Joe has stuck the brochures inside the pantry door, to remind me of how far we've brought this little house so far...

*You'll notice that the name of the property is listed as Ronga. We researched the history and discovered that the original property name had been Chambers, after nearby Chamber's Well where travellers on the Gold Route once rested their horses. The name was changed to Ronga by later owners. Needless to say, we reinstated the original name.



  1. A lovely little piece of history! I guess I just assumed it was all part of the one property... I think it's great that Farmer Joe was able to buy the property and extend the family farm. Lovely!


  2. Things happen for a reason, don't they?! It was meant to be! Love that Farmer Jo has stuck it on the pantry door x

  3. What a great story B! How nice to live in a place with some family history. And good work reinstating the original name. Much more suited to the lovely farmhouse you guys are turning it into ;)

    Abbey x

  4. How awesome!

    And it is nice to know a "local" blogger, long long long time ago I used to live in Frances


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