November 24, 2011

A pumpkin and a publican...

Giant pumpkin seedling - two weeks old

In March of each year, the tiny country town of Mundulla holds a hotly contested Giant Pumpkin Competition. George, the local publican in Mundulla and an avid vegetable gardener, looks like a front runner for next year. He imported special giant pumpkin seeds from the US, and is known to play ACDC to his plant, believing that the heavy vibrations encourage growth. George's pumpkin plant has the other locals a little nervous. In fact, there are rumours circling of a plot to kidnap George's giant pumpkin on the night before the competition.

Last week, in the greatest compliment to my gardening skills ever, George entrusted me with the last seedling from his secret American seed stock. He seems quite sure that next year's competition will now come down to a race between him and me. The pressure is on, so I'm going to keep you all in the loop on this one. Here is the little seedling, today, at two weeks old. We've got until March. Let's see how she grows...



  1. This is great! Go pumpkin!!!! Can we have fortnightly updates??


  2. Maybe you can feed your pumpkin lots of cow manure (I am sure it is like roids for plants lol). Samie

  3. That is awesome. B vs George. Bets anyone! ?

  4. I'll be watching with interest! gxo


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