November 3, 2011


Farmer Joe and I have just finalised the design for our new walk-in-robe (formerly a larder attached to the laundry). With space being limited, we didn't have much choice in the layout. So now I'm looking for the right decorative touches to make the space fabulous.

Wonderful lighting is a must...

Simplicity and clean lines...

Neatness and order (okay, more to do with cleaning than decorating, but still important)...

A sense of space (that's luxury I won't have, but a girl can dream)...

Art in a walk-in-robe. Truly fabulous...

all images via decorpad



  1. Love love loveeeeeeee those images!

    But they remind me :( .... I still haven't finalised our walk-throug-robe design :(((((


  2. Interesting that the boots in Pic 2 are hung on a rail.. hummmm I need more space! Great Blog BTW! Samie

  3. These are so ahhhhmazing! Sometimes I just go into the wardrobe section of storage or home ware stores and just stand and sigh! oh the organising and fabulousness! I think I will sacrifice having one child to obtain a walk in robe of Opera proportions! Love!

  4. Hi B! I've popped over as 'B is building a House' recommended you! Lovely Blog! Looking forward to following you! My hubs & I dream of owning a small farm day. x KL

  5. Beautiful images! I look forward to following your blog. Mimi xx

  6. Hi B, I have popped over from B's blog as well. Love the last image, beautiful canvas. KP

  7. Oh I love these photos. I am in the process of trying to make my basic boring Henley home walk-in-robe look even close to any of these pictures. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Cheers Kylie

  8. My gosh - I would kill for any of those - you should see what I put up with and what's worse is my husband has more space than me!!

  9. This SORT OF makes me want to clean our closet...ours is pretty nice since we redid it...nothing as great as your photos though. Hope we get to see yours after...ha! much more useful than a larder. What is a larder? Where you store lard, right?

  10. Very jealous that you get to design your own walk in robe ;) these gorgeous images must be giving you lots of inspirational ideas xx


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