December 20, 2011

Cracker Christmas desserts

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The Christmas day menu is the only area where I'm not a traditionalist, so you won't find any puddings here. In my opinion, hot summer days call for a seafood buffet with fresh salads and a refreshing dessert. Last year I discovered the Festive Baileys Dacquoise (above) - suitably spectacular, amazing flavour and you can make the whole thing the night before (assemble on the day). Just one note - check that you have a cake stand with a tall enough lid to accommodate the finished product. Last year I was all set to proudly haul my dacquoise over to my in-laws' house, only to pop the lid on and watch it sink under the weight, sending cream oozing everywhere. You can find the recipe {here}.

jamie oliver

This year we're hosting and there will be lots of kids to cater for (we don't have children, but I assume alcohol-laced desserts are a no-no). So I'll be serving Jamie Oliver's Marathon Semifreddo - a home-made icecream dessert flavoured with vanilla pods, 70% dark chocolate and (of all things) finely chopped Snickers bars. The recipe is available {here}.


  1. Yum yum yum!
    I love the sound of Marathon Semifreddo!!!


  2. They both sound absolutely delicious. I get much more excited about making dessert than I do the main meal. The kids will love Jamie's semifreddo. xxx

  3. Yum! I hope 'marathon' doesn't mean you'll spend all week making it! We still do the traditional pudding with my family - complete with boiled coins hidden in each bowl and brandy custard. But then we mix it up with some modern takes on dessert - Mum makes a killer raspberry vacherin, and her trifle is to-die-for. Sounds kitch, but ah-mazing! And my Aunty Jan's icecream pudding with marshmallows, macadamia and raspberry coulis is famous in these parts! Here's to an afternoon of sleeping it off . . . and a week's worth of leftovers!!!

  4. Ah man! I really miss having warm Christmasses! We are also fairly non-traditional when it comes to Christmas menus so your Jamie Oliver semi-freddo sounds scrumptious! Let us know how it turns out?

  5. Yummy and delicious. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Mimi xx

  6. These sound delicious and the first one is so beautiful!!


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