December 15, 2011

A few Christmas touches...

The Christmas decorations are finally in place. Traditional and simple (we are technically still a building site after all), but enough to make the house feel festive and welcoming.

It was a delight to hang a wreath on our new front door. I'll show it to you in another post soon, it still has no handles and is propped shut from the inside with a very hefty Chinese bronze horse.

The tree is an annual highlight for Belly the Ragdoll. Her current favourite hobby is to stand on the entrance table and swat at the glass ornaments with her paw.

I managed to break the perspex N from the Noel last week. Luckily, Farmer Joe was able to superglue it back together (and also memorialise his thumb print for all time inside the letter). Then he got a little over-excited, tried to repair the garage door handle, and superglued it shut. Not sure how he'll fix that one...



  1. Brooke, are you a photographer, stylist, interior decorator? All of the above? I love your photos and Christmas touches. Beautiful!!!

    Lol@ the superglued garage door handle =)


  2. Christmas without the clutter, looks great :-)

  3. Your decorations are beautiful, but don't ley your husband near the superglue again!
    Kylie x

  4. Brooke, the decorations are beauuuuutiful. I particularly love the wreath.

    I'm hoping Farmer Joe was on the right side of the super-glued Garage door! He's not still 'stuck' in there is he??


  5. All so nice! Funny about the fingerprint . . .kind of nice that it is there to stay though. Love the front door wreath. How about a Christmas collar for your puppy! LovT

  6. Everything looks divine B! Such gorgeous, classic taste you have :) Oh dear Farmer Joe and the superglue!

    Abbey x

  7. It all looks so beautiful.Thanks for sharing, I will follow on my way out so I know the path back to your lovely blog. I hope you will find the time to come visit my place soon and do the same. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and look forward to supporting your blog in 2012. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  8. Lol! Never trust an over-excited man with superglue! Every time you post pics of your house, I swooooooon over your gorgeous furniture! Can we house swap for a bit? I fancy being a farmer for a few days :)

  9. Hi Brooke! I just put up my Liebster post...thank you SO much again! It feels great to get a little recognition! By the way - I love the looks like an ice sculpture. Plus NOEL is my daughter's middle name(my Christmas baby!). - good luck with the garage door!

  10. I love your Christmas decorations! Your tree looks amazing, love the gold theme and your wreath with the beautiful white bells is gorgeous! xx

  11. Now these decorations are just PERFECT! I love that wooden bench and mirror. Just gorgeous. Love it all.


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