March 29, 2011

Day trip and cushions

I took a wonderful day trip over the border yesterday to Hamilton, Vic. I collected the replacement cabinetry needed to finish the kitchen, had a fabulous lunch of salmon and Sauv Blanc, and spent far too long in Provincial Home Living. I made a complete mess of the store mixing and matching these printed linen and hessian cushions (with very patient assistance from the staff). Now that they are home on the wingback chairs in the study, I am very pleased with the result. Even Farmer Joe, who usually seems suspicious of french inspired furnishings, gave them an 8.5/10.


March 24, 2011

Tale of a failed show dog

The lovely Miss Clare has requested a back story on Georgia the Corgi and how she came to be a 'local'. Georgia was 7 months old when Farmer Joe and I collected her from a breeder in country NSW. The breeder had (perhaps optimistically) held her back from the litter to show, but the poor girl didn't develop too well and needed a new home. We were delighted to welcome her to Chambers. The ten hour drive home was a little traumatic for her, and it took a week of at-home exposure therapy for her to feel comfortable in the car again. Now we can't imagine the property without her. Strangest habits include walking across the back of the couch like a cat, nipping at my feet when I get dressed for work, refusing to eat her breakfast until Farmer Joe comes home for dinner, and trying to make friends with every animal encountered regardless of species (including horses, sheep and feral rabbits).

Worst moments include the day she ate the corner off a mango-wood inlay bedside table and tonight, when I came home to find she had devoured the cord of an imported french lamp. Life on Chambers is sometimes pretty, but almost always messy.


March 20, 2011

Loving... T2

Loving T2 teacups and accessories. These two gorgeous cups have added a shock of colour to my otherwise white/glass/nickel dinner and serving ware. Makes a cup of tea feel ridiculously special...


March 17, 2011

Eye of the beholder

Farmer Joe and I discovered this 1940's silhouette in an antiques gallery in the city. We were both captivated by it. Not knowing the history of the illustration, we found ourselves imagining who the strange man was, what was in the pram and who the arm on the left belonged to. We find the piece strange and a touch sinister (I know, odd choice for the bedroom wall). Most interestingly though, other people have had a completely different reaction. Another couple we showed it to thought that the man was homeless, with all his possessions in the broken pram. They thought the arm belonged to a good samaritan calling the man to receive help, and found the piece hopeful and comforting. Just goes to show, art really is in the eye of the beholder.


March 16, 2011

A glance at the locals... Work dogs

From left to right: Molly (retired), Fred (semi-retired), Vinnie (in training), Pepper (working).


March 15, 2011

Black velvet armchair

Finally here and worth the wait. Purchased off the floor for 50% off at a Laura Ashley sale. Belly the cat seems to think the chair was a gift especially for her and spends hours rolling around and napping on it (and at the same time, reinforcing Farmer Joe's suspicion that black furniture with white animals may not be entirely practical). We did have a near disaster last night when Belly strolled in to go to bed on her favourite chair, only to find Georgia the Corgi already curled up on it. A quick intervention and reshuffle by Farmer Joe and all was well.

Apologies for the terrible photo - black velvet seems impossible to photograph indoors, and Farmer Joe refused to carry the piece onto the front lawn just so I could get a better shot.