January 3, 2012

The Amy Atlas Pattern Board

I thought I would start the new year with one of the most fabulous design resources I've seen yet... Amy Atlas' Pattern Board for Design & Styling. If (like me) you can tell gingham from ticking but might get a little lost between redux and rising suns, then this one is for you...

Amy Atlas has a wonderful blog called Sweet Designs. Check it out {here}.


P.S. Although I generally avoid New Year's resolutions, I've made one this year for the renovation: Completely finish every room you have already started. Frustrated with not having a single room that can be shown to guests without some verbal disclaimer (e.g., "the kitchen is almost finished, you just have to imagine it with window coverings and without the huge brown aluminium window"), I'm pouring all of my efforts into whipping the entrance, living room, kitchen, dining room, main bedroom and bathroom into a state of absolute completion. If all goes well, expect 'before & after' posts in the coming months...


  1. Happy new year, Brooke! I will look forward to seeing the reveals!! It certainly is a lovely feeling to be able to 'complete' a room. (But really, is any space ever really and truly 'finished'???)


  2. This is brill, Brooke! Full of great style inspiration (and know how for the try-hard like me!). Great find x

  3. What a lovely start to the new year B! Very handy for someone who was, until very recently, referring to a chevron pattern as "zigzags" :-)

  4. Oh yay! New resources to start the year off! Happy New Year Brooke! Hope you had a wonderful break with the family!

  5. This will be a fun 2012 to watch at your house!


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