January 8, 2012

Choosing a bedhead...

In honour of my New Year's resolution to finish the rooms I've started, I'm focusing my efforts this month on the main bedroom. And I need a little help from you all to choose a bed head. Here is the main bedroom at present...

...featuring a very sleepy Miss Georgia

The bedside tables are inlaid mango wood and the black velvet armchair to the right of the bed is tufted. The only other pieces to consider are the campaign style chest of drawers and framed photographs on the opposite wall...

I have also chosen a lovely glass and brushed silver pendant light, yet to be installed. Other than that, it's almost complete. And here is my short-list of bed heads...

all bed heads via interiors online

In case the image is too small to see the detail, number one is linen with a silver nail-head trim. I'd love your thoughts - which one should I choose?



  1. I'm tossing up between one and four! I actually love all of them, but I think these two would be the best fit.

    Do you have a preference?


  2. Gosh this is hard because I love three of them equally. I think I would either choose number 2 or number 4. Leaning towards number 4.

  3. I love 3 and 4! I'm a sucker for an upholstered headboard.

  4. My favourites are no. 1 and no. 4! Also totally adore your bedside lamps! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend Brooke!

  5. I like every ONE! Good luck. They are all great.

  6. 4.
    I also like #1 but I think it's slightly too plain with the existing bedding.
    Something glamarous about #4 too.

  7. My first pick was no. 4, but when I read your description about no. 1, I was torn. Although it's hard to see that detail, it sounds divine. xxx

  8. These are all great B and will suit your lovely room but my vote is for number 1 :) hope you had a fabulous Christmas break!

    Abbey x

  9. 1 and 4 are my picks, but it looks like 4 is the popular vote... Hope you like #4 too! :)

  10. My favourite is number 4 however closely followed by number 1. I think that number 1 would suit your room much better though, or is this just cause I desperately want number four for my room?! My next post was going to be on exactly this so looks like a little longer wait for my return into blogland! x

  11. My vote is No. 3. I love the tufting and the little details in the corner- plus that little bit of wood would add nice texture with the metal lamps and black and white photos. But really, you cant go wrong with any of these!


I love reading your comments. Thank you!