January 5, 2012

{Eclectic} farmhouse inspiration...

Having publicly resolved to finally finish the rooms we've already begun renovating, I've been flat out this week planning all sorts of finishing touches. And I have plans to enlist help from all of you wonderful creative bloggers to help me make my selections. But for now, I'm enjoying this inspiration from mixandchic.com, and reminding myself to be a little braver with pattern and colour.

images via pinterest from mixandchic.com



  1. Love love love thos black&white striped chairs and rug!!!

    Can't wait to follow the rest of your decorating journey :)


  2. Some wonderful elements you can pull out for a farmhouse! Love these finds - you know me and colour! Glad to hear you've started the year inspired!

  3. Pattern and colour - you're speaking my language! I too love those black & white striped rugs. Can't wait to see the progress on your beautiful home. xxx

  4. I hear you on wanting to use more color. I have a lot of black and white and grey -(boring). So yes to more color here too! Good luck!

  5. Love the bold stripes in last image!
    Think renovating is always sdauntimg especially picking the patterns etc but great images so sure it will all go great!

    Abigail x

  6. I tend towards a neutral color palette, but these gorgeous images make me want to add a little color...fabulous!!

  7. I love your inspiration pics, cant wait to see your progress!!


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