January 16, 2012

Loving... Modern traditional

Living in a working farmhouse, I am heavily influenced toward an Australian country design aesthetic. However, when I imagine my fantasy/'anything goes' dream home, I always picture a modern traditional interior...

For me, modern traditional interiors achieve a perfect and ever-so delicate balance. Classic furniture design and room layout is accented with modern fabrics, accessories and art.

I love the versatility of this style - it can be feminine, eclectic, bold or neutral...

And I am besotted with these examples of stunning period furniture reupholstered in bold on-trend prints...

all images via pinterest

While our house may demand more rustic and earthy elements, I've got a few ideas to incorporate some modern traditional touches of our own. Stay tuned!



  1. You have amazing taste...

    I can't wait to see more of your beautifully decorated home <3


  2. Me too! I even have that polka dot ikat pillow.

  3. I sighed at each and every one of these pictures! Going to scroll back up to drool at them some more!

  4. Lovely post B! You could definitely add a modern traditional twist to your gorgeous farmhouse :)

    Abbey x

  5. I have just come across your lovely blog and have gone back to the beginning to read about everything you have done. It is looking beautiful and I look forward to reading more about it :)

  6. This is my favorite style hands down. Gorgeous images!! -any decisions on your ottoman?

    1. Yes, a decision has been made! After everyone's wonderful comments I went ahead and ordered the West Elm Essex bench. I'll show you how it looks as soon as it arrives!

  7. Yay for the Essex bench, Brooke. The rooms in this post are so elegant, I particularly love the 2nd room - so cool. xxx

  8. I love so many of these images. The first one has such a charm with the painted beadboard walls and the fun pillow, but the 6th image with the spectacular architecture, neutral color palette and statement making art if fabulous!!

  9. Beautiful images!
    Love the classic furnishings that fit in so well with the rooms.
    Would happily have any of them.

    Abigail x

  10. Great images, all of the rooms look so inviting. Just discovered your blog too by the way :)

  11. Love this style too! Maybe for my 'next house'. LOL!
    I've also tagged you in a round of TAG! You're It!
    http://eternalicons.blogspot.com/2012/01/playing-tag.html for further info (if you've already played this, please don't feel obligated to play again :))
    x KL

  12. Yes, it's the perfect combination in my book and my house.


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