January 25, 2012

Loving... Spoonflower (& I've been tagged!)

After (too) many frustrating hours of trying to source designer upholstery fabrics online, I've finally stumbled across a site that has me smiling... Spoonflower. Spoonflower is to textiles what Etsy is to cottage industry, with an online marketplace that offers the largest collection of independent designer fabrics in the world. (How did I not know about this before?). Orders are custom printed on the base fabric of your choice at really affordable prices. If you're feeling brave, you can even upload your own fabric designs for printing. And best of all, they have international shipping. Here are a few of my favourites...

all images via Spoonflower 

Meanwhile, I've been tagged by Anna (My Design Ethos) and KL (eternalicons), who wanted to know a little more about me (thanks ladies!). I'm going to cheat and give you an abridged version with six random facts (because there really isn't that much to say!):
1. I spent nine years at university (yep, that's full time). Now I like to think of my degrees as incredibly expensive art for the study.
2. I've kept my maiden name because my husband's surname rhymes with my first. The local townsfolk ignore this choice and use the rhyming name because it's funny.
3. I've been a vegetarian since I rescued a week old hatchling chicken when I was twelve (and yes, I married a beef and lamb farmer - go figure).
4. Despite having moved to the country, my wardrobe still contains 40 pairs of heels and a half dozen puffy silk skirts, because I like to pretend that one day, I'll have an excuse to wear them again.
5. I am an enormous nerd, with an addiction to historical and scientific non-fiction and classic literature. As a result, I am an unbeaten champion at Trivial Pursuit.
6. Even after living in the country for three years, I still cry every time we accidentally run over a bird or rabbit. My friends also won't drive with me, because I brake and/or swerve for every little creature within 100 metres (including, once, a dragonfly).



  1. I hadn't heard if Spoonflower either until your post - great fabrics, I'll have to bookmark the site. I swerve for creatures too, but I expect its more likely to be an issue where you live than in the suburbs!

  2. I brake for everything too (have had a narrow miss in western QLD dodging a blue tongue lizard). Reminds me of Clueless "and as soon I get my license, I fully intend to brake for animals..."

  3. Spoonflower sounds great. Will have a browse through their website.

    I once almost crashed because a leaf flew towards me and hit my windshield *shy*

    I get scared very easily :(


  4. I've known about Spoonflower for a while. In fact, I submitted my own design once and had a cushion made out of the material I designed (have since thrown it away, but may have a 2nd try at some stage).

    I am also a bird swerver, and dog dodger - love the little critters! Not so worried about leaves though ;) xxx

  5. Lovely little insight into your world Brooke!

  6. On the historical/scientific book front.....have you found the Outlander (cross stitch) series by Diana Gabaldon??

    1. I haven't Kate - but I'm googling now! Thanks for the tip!

  7. I've bookmarked the Spoonflower site! Thankyou! Love your answers too and think most women would agree with the 'miss animals' at all costs idea! And love the idea of your glamerous hidden wardrobe...
    x KL

  8. Spoonflower is a favourite of mine too B :)
    I must say - 9 years of university?! I did 5 and the last one nearly killed me! Hats off to you B :)
    Enjoy the Australia Day holiday tomorrow!

    Abbey x

  9. You have the same taste in books as my husband... and the same taste in fabrics as me!
    and I love the idea of moving to the country!

  10. I love Spoonflower too! And it was very cool finding out more about you!

  11. Great to read more about you Brooke! Funny that you have quite a few similarities to me, especially when it comes to driving and animals, oh and also our country wardrobes!

  12. Thanks for answerings - I didn't even realise you had! I love your comment about swerving on the road because I'm exactly the same. Even some of the feral pests (which a lot of North Queenslanders believe you should aim at) I will stop or swerve out of their way. We are a soft hearted bunch aren't we?! :)


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