January 31, 2012

My Pinterest dream home

While I am rather fond of our House on Chambers, there are times when the mind needs to wander off to other places. Like this morning for instance, when the rainwater ran out before I'd washed the conditioner out of my hair. While I was rinsing my head over the bathroom sink with a chilled carafe of water from the fridge, the cat decided to unfurl a roll of toilet paper and leave it in a shredded pile just inside the toilet door. Sounds like a good time to visit my Pinterest dream home...

Welcome! Come on in...

Follow the driveway, keep going past the barn and stables...

There's plenty of room in the garage for your car...

There's no need to knock...

Just come straight inside...

Keep going down the main hallway...

Past the living room...

And the study...

The bathroom is on your right...

You'll find me in the kitchen...

Would you like to stay for dinner? We can eat inside...

Or out... (There's an outdoor fire if the weather is chilly)...

Or perhaps you'd like to stay the night? The guest bedroom is all made up...

And in the morning, we can gather some eggs...

And some herbs from the kitchen garden to make a wonderful breakfast...

all images via Pinterest

And of course, you're welcome back any time...


P.S. A huge thank you to Allumer*Decor for passing on the Versatile Blogger award! After last week I'm running a little short on interesting facts about myself, but here goes:
1. Before I got married, I couldn't cook anything. I taught myself to cook after suffering restaurant withdrawals when I moved to the country.
2. Every now and again, I somehow get the hour and minute hand on a clock confused when trying to tell the time. Farmer Joe thinks it's the funniest thing ever.
3. I believe that most of the day's problems can be solved with a lovely glass of Adelaide Hills Sauv Blanc.
4. I have an addiction to embarrassing and age-inappropriate television shows (think Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Glee).
5. I cannot live happily without pets. I've restrained myself to one dog, one cat, two horses and three chickens, but only because Farmer Joe insists.
6. I can drive a tractor. (Being a farmer's wife, some of you might not be surprised by that. But it certainly surprised me!).
7. On weekends there's nowhere I'd rather be than curled up on my couch with Georgia the Corgi, Belly the Ragdoll, a glass of white wine (see number 3) and a DVD (see number 4).


  1. Brooke, your Pinterest house is just gorgeous! It looks like a lovely place to escape to.


  2. It's true, I can vouch for the no cooking thing! I recall packet tuna, rice and vitawheat as your staple "cooking" pyramid during uni days?! Your pinterest house is devine! And might I also add that is the most prestigous chook house ever!


  3. Hi Brooke, just adore your pinterest house! Love the exterior colour of the house. Thanks for a great read whilst having my morning cuppa.

  4. What's not to love...lots of white, marble, herringbone wood floors...the gardens...so pretty.

  5. Love those little greenery shrubs <3

    Thank you for walking us through your Pinterest house. It was very entertaining :)

    I too had never cooked until I moved out of home (at the age of 25) *shy*
    Thank God for google and internet is all I have to say :))))


  6. Loving your pinterest dream home B! Very grand and elegant :)

    Abbey x

  7. I loved your post today Brooke. I laughed about the cat and the shredded toilet paper - my twin daughters used to do that frequently when they were about 3 years old. Your dream home is just divine. And I loved reading some more facts about you... I'll definitely join you for a glass of that sauv blanc; I love to watch Glee and X-Factor with my 9 year old daughter; and my husband has stopped me at one big dog and two cats - I'd have another dog if I could. Oh, and a glass of wine and a DVD sounds like a great night to me. xxx

  8. Brooke, this was the most blissful 5 minutes of my day! I loved each and every picture! I practically bounced up and down when I saw that chicken coop - my guy might actually agree to this one! I laughed out loud at your tractor driving skills (it's on my bucket list!) - I also couldn't cook when I moved out of home, I couldn't even turn on the oven! Years of Jamie Oliver episodes fixed that!

  9. Hi Brook, loved reading your list. I'll have to look for Adelaide Hills at the wine shop.
    By the way... I'm pretty sure that's my EXACT dream home too! I guess great minds think alike!

  10. If I can't move in, I'd at least like to stay in the guestroom...love every single room and the outdoor areas...fabulous!!

  11. Chill the wine, fluff the pillows.... I'm on my way! Divine! Love the 'Hilton' hen-house too! A pic I have in my dream files too for one day...
    x KL

  12. You can't live there - that's my dream house! Heavenly!

  13. I could EASILY live in your dream house....those floors, the art, the books and comfortable furnishings...
    You are my kind of tractor driving gal!!!

  14. Oh yes...
    so worthy to be called a 'dream house'.

    I love the dining room with its long wooden table and luxurious chandelier. Love it too!

  15. oh that house kills me - GORGEOUS! nice to learn a little bit more about you too Brooke! x

  16. Your dream house is amazing, the perfect country home! The bathroom is incredibly luxe. Can I come and visit you?? So fun to learn more about you; I admit I love Glee a tad too ;) xx


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