January 20, 2012

A touch of black...

I once read that if a room isn't quite working, it probably needs a touch of black. This is one piece of advice I've followed to the letter. Every room I've decorated so far on Chambers has an element of black incorporated into the design. And the more I learn about interiors, the more I recognise the value of black accents in adding depth, crispness and a visual anchor to a room. Take a look at these examples...

above images via decorpad

above images via pinterest


P.S. I'm hooked on tracking the international travels of my West Elm Essex bench via DHL online. She arrived in Hong Kong today after a brief stay in Ohio earlier in the week...


  1. Those images really do look beautiful.

    I like how they converted a robe into a study nook in the second photo from the bottom :)

    Hope your Essex bench arrives safely and soon :)


  2. I love black so have no trouble adding it to every room - in fact, I probably start with black and then work my way up to adding colour!

  3. Really beautiful images - thanks!

  4. Just discovered your blog and I can tell already I'm going to love it. Those images are wonderful and I agree that a room isn't done without a touch of black.

  5. those rooms are lovely! I always shy away from black and tend toward white, but you're right: a pop of black is a must in every room! Have fun tracking your parcel! I'm the same way :)

  6. Ha! So glad you went with the West Elm B!
    I completely agree that dark colours add depth to a room and often provide great contrast too :)
    Have a great weekend :)

    Abbey x

  7. I love black as an accent or as a feature! Photo no 2 is so elelant! Love it!
    x KL

  8. So true about black. That is a great room with the sweeping center staircase.

  9. Good advice. I love black & white, so classic, then add a splash or more of colour! xxx

    PS: I agree 'B', that is a cool study nook in the bedroom 2nd photo up.

  10. I love every single image, and agree completely - every room needs a touch of black!! Hope your having a great weekend ~


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