February 15, 2012

A new addiction... Michael Kors watches

Now I know that I never blog on fashion. But I am so head-over-hills beside-myself in love with Michael Kors oversized watches that I just had to share. Yesterday, the universe delivered me a Valentine's Day present with the arrival of my two new MK watches from Nordstrom in the US. (That's right, I couldn't decide between my two favourite designs, so I bought both).

The Bradshaw (above) is my new everyday work watch, while the Runway (below) will be for off-duty dressing. After hours of agonising over this major online purchase (I even took a poll from friends and colleagues to help me decide), I could not be more thrilled. The watches are stunning in person, flattering on the wrist and have fabulous impact with their oversized faces.

If anyone's in the market for their own MK watch, I say go for it. Check out Nordstrom, Shopbop and
Bloomingdale's online.

images via michael kors


  1. Love love love!!!!!

    I don't think I can decide which one I like better either :)
    They are HOT!!!


  2. I got an MK watch from Nordstrom for Christmas. Love it!!!! You have great taste, Brooke!


  3. Great picks! I actually have the second one in gold and love it - I wear it everyday! xx

  4. Oh this is an exciting purchase B! I too have been lusting after one of these! Great choices. I might follow your lead on this one I think...

    Abbey x

  5. i couldn't agree with you more, the man knows how to design a watch. great choices!

  6. I have one on my wishlist for a while too, can´t seem to find them so easily over here...xoxo Chantal

  7. Very jealous! I’ve coveted the oversized Michael Kors horn watch for over a year now but the bf thinks it’s a little flashy for me – it doesn’t stop me from repeatedly putting it on my wish lists! Are they noticeably quite big and chunky or do they fit comfortably on your wrist?

    1. Hi Meghan! I was worried about the exact same thing, but they sit on the wrist surprisingly well - not chunky or awkward at all. They are heavy, but I stopped noticing after a couple of hours.

  8. Off to check these out! Nice new chairs nearly identical to mine. x


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