March 5, 2012

Gardening with heavy machinery (New Lawn Part 1)

When Farmer Joe and I took over the House on Chambers, we inherited a rather challenging back yard. The previous owners had sewn a small lawn behind the house, but the rest of the space had been left almost untouched. And at the end of a South Australian Summer, that equals a sandy dust bowl with weeds...

We developed a plan that would include a re-sewn and much larger lawn, utilising the entire space available. Eventually, this will also feature some sculptural lawn art and be overlooked by our outdoor entertaining area. Work finally started last week (which on a farm, involves a procession of boys toys)...

With Farmer Joe directing and his Dad behind the wheel they began major earth-moving, including removing old tree stumps (above), and levelling the future lawn area (below)...

 And then Farmer Joe hopped in the little yellow tractor and drove round and round in circles, smoothing the surface with a railway iron. Georgia the Corgi and I looked on from the back veranda with a glass of bubbles...

Next on the list: install the automatic pop up sprinkler system and hold a working bee for Joe's mates to help sew thousands of tiny lawn plugs (likely to require bribery with steak and beer).


  1. That looks like a bit of work but your plans for the area sound great. Looking forward to seeing the progress :)

  2. Beautiful photos Brooke!!!! <3

    MrB completed all the fencing work yesterday and now I can finally start thinking about the lawn for our backyard. We too want the automatic pop up sprinkler system but I haven't really got around to researching about it yet :(
    We want to do it ourselves to save money of course. Will you do your lawn from the seed or buy those rolls?


    1. Hi B! The total lawn area (front and back) is 2500 square metres, so WAY too big for rolls. We'll be using Santa Anna couch plugs, and then sewing a rye grass seed through as well. It's Joe's own concoction (that's what happens when a farmer sews a lawn!).

  3. I would love Farmer Joe to pop by my house and do this with my lawn please! I think I will be filling holes and levelling by hand though. Oh well, I love the idea of the larger lawn with the sculptural pieces - I know an AMAZING welded sculpture artist if you would like something gorgeous from farm machinery or scrap metal! :)

  4. Ah the beauty of being married to a farmer! Love how they just grab a tractor and get to it. We plugged our lawn too andbtheirnis lots of it, backbreaking but a few years on well worth it. xx

  5. So handy to have the machinery at your fingertips when it comes to these jobs, your lawn will be a fantastic addition to your home, YAY to you guys!!

  6. What a huge job B! I whinge about maintaining my courtyard and 3 garden beds! I'm sure you and farmer Joe willndo a great job of it :)

    Abbey x

  7. Oh man, this is some heavy duty gardening. You have an enviously large yard. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  8. Now that's an advantage...what an amazing yard you are going to have...can't wait to see!!

  9. Wow! You've got your work cut out for you! Beautiful blog and I'll look forward to seeing other posts!



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