March 8, 2012

Loving... Stephen Trebilcock

Although I have a healthy appreciation for art, I've certainly never been one to play 'name the artist'. In fact, the only Australian artist whose work I can unfailingly identify is Stephen Trebilcock...

For the last few years, Stephen Trebilcock's work has been on my One Day/Maybe/Fantasy purchase list. His earthy, imposing still life paintings would be the perfect addition to our farmhouse (or any other house for that matter)...

Best of all, Stephen Trebilcock is an SA local, and his paintings can currently be viewed at Hahndorf Hill Winery. Here's the man himself (notice how large his works are on the wall!)...

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  1. You're right, these would be perfect for your beautiful farmhouse home. The 4th pic reminds me of one of my favourite childhood books - Snugglepot & Cuddlepie - which I now read to my children. xxx

  2. Stunning art work!

    MrB and I were in Hahndorf on Saturday. If I had known about the exhibition I would have dropped in.

    Which one is your favourite Brooke?


    1. Great question B! Honestly, I've mentally decorated most of my house with Trebilcock paintings - the first one for my dining room, the last one for the home gym, and another of his works (not shown) depicting a hanging lemon branch for the hall. It's nice to dream...{Sigh}

  3. The colours and the textures are just beautiful! I am currently mentally decorating my dream dining room with the strawberries and cherries painting!

  4. SO Beautiful! I'm not familiar with this artist ~ will have to look up more of his work! Your blog is just lovely; I'm a new follower! ♥

  5. I hope your dream turns into reality in the not so distant future <3



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