March 7, 2012

While we're on the topic of maps...

If you're in the market for a map or two, no need to look any further than Etsy. Here's a selection of offerings from my favourite online marketplace: 1. Martha's Vineyard vintage nautical chart, Lauras Last Ditch 2. 1894 antique Milky Way star map, Antique Print Store 3. 1941 Manhattan city map, Moose Horn Vintage 4. 1901 South America vintage map, Ex Libris Journals 5. Vintage California maritime map, Jenny and Pearl 6. 1880 Ann Arbor vintage map print, Imagerich 7. City text map of the world art print, artPause 8. 1705 Paris vintage map print, Imagerich.


  1. Those are gorgeous. I just had a map of London from 1766 custom framed and I absolutely love it!

  2. these are very cool.. I loved you last post too.

  3. Beautiful maps and beautiful blog! SO glad that I stumbled on it today. I'm your newest follower!

  4. Lovely choices B. What would we do without etsy?!

    Abbey x

  5. love ETSY
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for including my Martha's Vineyard nautical charge on your lovely blog!


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